Welcome to our Beta Chi Chapter webpage. Here the Brothers of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. dedicate their efforts in the chapter to uphold the progressive ideals set by being the “Institution of Evolution”. Our efforts to give back to our community and being entrenched with the Latin@ experience leads our chapter towards certain challenges. However, Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. gives our members and the community we work with the tools and connections to conquer our obstacles and prepare us for life after college.

Below is a video of one of our many traditions, Saluting. Saluting is honored tradition in our organization and often viewed as “poetry in motion”. Often Salutes express certain values and goals held dear to the Lambda Man. Saluting reminds us of the originating values of the Fraternity since its founding in December 1, 1975 and help pay tribute to many of our founding brothers with military experience.

Please Enjoy!